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Unlock Onchain Confidentiality on Ethereum

Fhenix is the first Fully Homomorphic Encryption (FHE) powered L2 to bring computation over encrypted data to Ethereum. Through the use of its FHE rollups, Fhenix enables Ethereum developers to seamlessly deploy encrypted smart contracts to leverage end-to-end encryption of their data.

fhenix stuttershock image
fhenix remix plugin tutorial
Fhenix Remix Plugin
Learn how to use Fhenix Plugin for Remix.
fhenix hardhat plugin tutorial
Fhenix Hardhat Plugin - Getting Started
Learn how to use Fhenix Hardhat Plugin.

A new, encrypted web
is waiting for you

The power of Fully Homomorphic Encryption is unmatched! It enables deployment of confidential smart contracts, ensuring that transaction inputs and states stay encrypted throughout the entire computation process, or in other words- end-to-end encryption for Web3 based applications