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🔗 Connecting to Fhenix Frontier

Fhenix Frontier, the first publicly available FHE-based blockchain, is now live! You can connect to it using the following methods:

Configuring MetaMask

  1. Open MetaMask in your browser and click on the Ethereum network.

  2. Click Add Network.

  3. Click Add a network manually.

  4. Fill out the network details form. To add a custom network you need the following details:

    1. Network Name: Fhenix Frontier
    2. New RPC URL:
    3. Chain ID: 42069
    4. Currency Symbol: tFHE
    5. Block Explorer URL:
  5. Once you fill out all the details, click Save.

  6. Now you can switch to Fhenix Frontier. Get some tokens using the testnet faucet and start building!

API endpoints

Chain ID42069



To get some test tokens, use the faucet at You can get 0.5 tFHE once per 5 minutes.