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👷 Hardhat


Clone Hardhat Template

We provide a hardhat template available that comes "batteries included", with everything you need to hit the ground running. The template is available here. You can create a new repository, or clone it locally:

git clone

You'll also probably want to set an .env file with your mnemonics:

cp .env.example .env

Install Dependencies

Once you've cloned the repository, you can install the dependencies with pnpm:

pnpm install

Start LocalFhenix

LocalFhenix is a complete Fhenix local testnet and ecosystem containerized with Docker. It simplifies the way contract developers test their contracts in a sandbox before they deploy them on a testnet or mainnet - similar to Ganache, or other local network environments.

To start a LocalFhenix instance, run the following command:

pnpm localfhenix:start

This will start a LocalFhenix instance in a docker container, managed by the fhenix-hardhat-docker plugin for Hardhat. If this worked you should see a LocalFhenix started message in your console.

You've now officially created a LocalFhenix testnet. 🎉

After you're done, you can stop the LocalFhenix instance with:

pnpm localfhenix:stop

Deploy the contracts

To deploy the contracts to LocalFhenix, run the following command:

pnpm hardhat deploy

This will compile the contracts in the contracts directory and deploy them to the LocalFhenix network.

(note: if you want to deploy to a different network, you can specify the network with the --network flag)


We've included a few tasks in the tasks directory to help you get started. You can run them with the pnpm task command.

pnpm task:getCount # => 0
pnpm task:addCount
pnpm task:getCount # => 1
pnpm task:addCount --amount 5
pnpm task:getCount # => 6