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Setting Up


In this guide we'll be using docker and nodejs and whatever else I come up with.

Installing Dependencies

Install docker from:

Install nodejs from nodesource: (other options are also okay)

curl -fsSL | sudo -E bash - &&\
sudo apt-get install -y nodejs


Start From a Template

First, let's clone our template project. Go to our hardhat template repository and click "use this template". Choose your new project name and set up a repository.

Help, I can't find the button!

Now clone your new repository, or open a cloud-based environment such as Github Workspaces.

git clone

Change directory into the repository and install the project dependencies

npm install

I'm more of a Free Spirit

Alternative set up paths can be just cloning or forking the example repository, or starting from scratch using our fhenix hardhat plugin, Gitpod environment or Github Workspaces

Starting Localfhenix

npm run hardhat localfhenix:start

You should see input similar to the following:

> fhenix-hardhat-example@1.0.0 localfhenix:start
> hardhat localfhenix:start

Downloading docker image

Wait about a minute for the image to finish downloading, after which you should see a success message:

Downloading docker image
Started LocalFhenix successfully at

And now we have a fhenix blockchain environment running locally! Now we have everything ready, and we can move to coding :)


If you want to make sure the container is running, you can use docker ps to see the container, available ports, etc.