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Installation & Basics


To get started with fhenix.js, you need to install it as a dependency in your JavaScript project. You can do this using npm (Node Package Manager) or Yarn. Open your terminal and navigate to your project's directory, then run the following:

yarn add fhenixjs


When initializing a new Fhenix Client we need to inject it with a provider - this can be a provider from any of your favorite web3 libraries - ethers, hardhat, web3js, etc.

import { FhenixClient } from 'fhenixjs';
import { JsonRpcProvider } from 'ethers';

// initialize your web3 provider
const provider = new JsonRpcProvider('');

// initialize Fhenix Client
const client = new FhenixClient({provider});

// to encrypt data for a Fhenix contract
let encrypted = await client.encrypt(5, EncryptionTypes.uint8);

// ...
// contract logic goes here
// ...

// to unseal data returned from a Fhenix contract
const cleartext = client.unseal(contractAddress, sealed);

Full Documentation

For a full list of all fhenix.js methods and classes please visit the fhenixjs documentation here.


If you experience any issues, or for general questions, support, or anything else join our Discord!